Lutron VIVE

Simple, scalable, wireless lighting control

The Vive wireless family gives you the right solution now and for years to come

  • Any budge
  • Area and sensor controls
  • Meet latest building regulations and standards
  • No factory setup required

When you choose Lutron solutions, you can be confident that the system just works, and it will keep working.

The flexibility you need to design your buildingBuild
Your system from a full suite of products - specify a simple occupancy sensor solution, or design a fully integrated lighting management system using the same suite of products.
Easily match controls to the fixture package - switching, DALI, 0 –10V, Phase control, or any combination. Expand the system at any time — add control options, add new areas, easily upgrade software to add new features.

Wireless simplifies installation and reduces callbacks
Less wiring makes installation faster — reduce labour time by up to 70%. Setup is as simple as pushing a button or using your smart device — no manufacturer commissioning required, further reducing time and labour cost (the Lutron services team is always available if you want some additional support). Start small and expand at any time — with no new
wiring — meet budget requirements and changing space needs. Eliminate callbacks — Lutron’s proven reliability helps you stay within budget and reduces your time on the job.

Maximise productivity and building performance
Monitor, adjust, and manage your system from any smart device — easily adjust the lighting control to accommodate building churn, improve occupant comfort, and enhance energy efficiency. Energy savings — lighting uses more electricity than any other building system. Lutron solutions can save up to 60% or more of that lighting energy. Minimise down time — wireless controls install quickly to minimise disruption to building occupants. Expand capability — add new controls or upgrade software at any time without replacing the existing system. Simpify integration — using BACnet protocol, connect with other building systems at the time of initial installation or whenever you expand the system.

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