Less material and less work thanks to the Clear Connect wireless technology

Clear Connect RF technology is Lutron’s latest advancement of our highly reliable RF technology that ensures seamless communication between our system components. Lutron RF products and systems operate on a quiet frequency band that is essentially free of interference, so your system won't be affected by a neighboring one. A dedicated network ensures communication between systems devices are reliably delivered and group commands ensure a smooth, simultaneous system response.

The newest and most multifunctional radio BUS system is VIVE

Fast installation time
up to 70% faster than wired control solutions - means shorter schedules and lower costs.

Less material expenditure
you can reduce costs significantly with secure wireless technology from Lutron. Lower cabling costs in new buildings and maintaining the existing cabling during renovations make a decisive contribution to saving expensive copper cables and at the same time save valuable resources.

More informations can be found here:  Lutron Vive


Other wireless solutions from Lutron:

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