Lutron®: Experts in Lighting Control

Lutron changed lighting standards with the invention of the world’s first electronic semiconductor dimmer in 1961. Today, Lutron provides a unparalleled product range in lighting control – including dimmers, shading solutions as well as fully integrated systems for whole homes and buildings. We offer 15.000 ways to deal with light, and we will find a truly individual solution for your project.

Aesthetic, useful, convenient, and economic. Lutron delivers many benefits that come with lighting control. Individual management of daylight and lighting conditions give each room a distinctive character.

Lutron has a look that complements the design of your space. Customize our control devices and blinds. We offer a wide range of colors, materials and styles. Design is one of our distinctive features, and interior designers appreciate that.

It's no coincidence that many leading architects and designers regard Lutron lighting systems as not only their number one choice, but also as “the only game in town".