Save Energy

We of course support the fact that environment protection and in particular the considerate use of energy is of growing concern for all of us. Certainly, there is a lot more to do in this field, however, Lutron technology already has made considerable contributions.

We estimate that our clients already save around 9 billion kWh of energy per year. To put that into perspective: That's enough energy to light 4,5 million households for an entire year * or provide 10 years of electricity and lighting for Times Square in New York†. In other words: Our clients save as much energy as 2.000 windmills can produce in 12 months.

We don’t consider energy-efficiency to be a mere fad, it’s central to our business and actions. With the invention of the world's first semiconductor dimmer, we have paved the way for dimming technology. The use of dimmers can prolong the lifecycle of a bulb up to 10 times.

Our shading solutions also contribute to energy-efficiency. Regulation of incoming daylight can reduce the cost of heating or cooling a household.

Our products are not only used in private households, they also help offices, schools, and hospitals to save energy by regulating daylight and artificial daylight. That’s money saved that can be spent elsewhere.

It’s a fact that lighting control can contribute to the reduction of the impact we have on the planet. This doesn't need to compromise our quality of life. Lutron’s energy-efficient lighting control systems go hand in hand with increased comfort und design.

* Sources: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), US Department of Energy, and sales data Lutron. † sources stated above, plus Con Edison.