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We offer custom-made solutions for all spheres of media control systems, lighting control technologies, and intelligent building automation. A simple touch on your tablet or smartphone or touch panel enables you to control diverse technological devices and change conditions and moods in specific areas of your apartment or working environment. Easy-to-handle and all-in-one: While using a customized interface made to fit your individual needs, you can operate for instance shutters, blinds, heating, lighting, TV sets, home cinemas, video conferencing technologies, audio systems, presentation equipment, or in-store multimedia devices. It can be as simple as that.

SMART CONTROL – puts time on your side, makes your business processes more effective and simplifies your life.

Your advantages

We are your specialist for all areas of media, light and intelligent building control. We offer to our clients all-in-one solutions and comprehensive services in a global environment of continually increasing demands.

We are also the official distributor and service provider of LUTRON.

Planning, projecting and programming of media, light and lighting control technologies form the basis of our range of services. We guarantee successful project implementation, from the first consultation and the identification of requirements to concept design and planning until the innovative programming of our systems. Our employees and network partners have numerous certifications in all areas of programming, light technologies and media technologies.

The graphic design of the user interface completes our range of services.